Call 811 Before You Dig
Posted on May 1st, 2020

To prevent damage to buried lines, Indiana law requires all homeowners to ascertain the location of all underground facilities in an area affected by excavation or demolition.  The process is easy and free.  Simply dial 811 on the phone before you dig.  A locator service contracted out by a consortium of utility companies will be dispatched to locate and mark cable, phone, electrical, and gas lines within two working days. 
In Indiana you can either dial 811 or submit your request online with 811 now service.  You'll need to provide several items, including the site address, area to be surveyed, contractor contact information, a nearby intersection, your county (St. Joseph), and your township (Harris).  It's best to paint or label the area you want marked.
Quail Ridge is serviced by USIC, whose technician will arrive in a company vehicle.  He/she will first access the phone box on the side of your house to connect a temporary ground wire.  Then he/she will use detectors to locate lines and mark them with colored paint and flags.  For liability and quality reasons, they may mark lines that are nearby on adjoining property, too.
A technician establishes a new ground for the phone line before surveying the ground.
Save yourself and your neighbors from the hassle of damaged utility assets.  Call 811 before you dig.  It''s free and it's the law.  (An exception is if the excavation is performed only with a hand tool by the property owner to a depth not greater than 12 inches.)  Thanks.