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Leaf Pickup December 16 & 17
Posted on Dec 15th, 2018

The Quail Ridge Homeowner's Association has found a leaf company that can make a single pass through the neighborhood to remove any remaining leaves at the curb.  Quail Ridge North's pass will begin Sunday, December 16, and Quail Ridge South's will begin on Monday, December 17.  Residents may put additional leaves on the curb between now and then.
Because this is such a quick turnaround, please help get the word out by communicating with your neighbors.  
Additionally, the leaf removal company will only remove leaves that follow these guidelines.
DO's and DONT'S of Leaf Removal:
  • Please put leaves into established small piles off of the grass as much as possible at the curbs. 
  • Please use caution and slow down when you see our crews in the neighborhood.  Safety is our number one priority always.  We want everyone to go home safe to their loved ones.
  • Please do not blow wind rows of leaves to the road.  
  • Please do not put trash bags of leaves out, they cannot be taken.
  • Please do not put pine needles, bush trimmings, pampas grasses, perennials or sticks in the piles.  These can clog hoses or cause damages to the blower fans.  Debris and sticks will be left.  
  • Please do not park vehicles on the roads during leaf pick up days.  If cars are parked where leaves are, we will not be able to pick them up.  
  • Do not put piles at entrances of the neighborhoods or corners of roads.  Our equipment is big, bulky and 30 plus feet long.  We do not want to block traffic.  
Special thanks go out to board member Kurt Metros for ensuring we get this extra pass.
Thank you for all of your help and assistance,
The QRHOA Board