Canadian Geese visiting Quail Ridge Lakes
Posted on Mar 20th, 2024

Thanks once again to Rick Stasyshan for the following insights regarding dealing with our feathered visitors:
What can be done:
Don’t feed the geese. Eliminate bird feeders.
When they have goslings, the adults do not fly so barriers present obstacles they avoid. Many residents have built sea walls and planted shrubs to block easy access. They prefer to walk up on the lawn.
Putting up silver pinwheels or a string fence with silver strips is a deterrent, to some degree.
They hate powerful green laser lights. It is effective before the babies hatch and after the babies take on a more mature appearance. I and all my immediate neighbors use these and the geese hate it and move immediately.
Get a dog.
Geese do not hang around where they are constantly harassed. The more they are harassed the less they stay.
Several lake lot owners let areas along the shoreline grow up with cattails and the like, providing the nesting areas for the geese. The natural shorelines do provide them with the cover they desire. They usually do not nest near a house. When nesting the male goose is always within 20 feet of the nest and is a diversion and protector. So it is relatively easy to find a nest. It is allowed to coat the eggs to avoid hatching but this requires a DNR permit per nest. Google “Canadian Geese issues” to find websites providing insight as to how to legally make your yard less friendly to geese.
Here is some additional information:
1.Grape Kool-Aid A chemical that is used to sweeten certain drinks and candies is highly offensive to geese.
The artificial sweetener in grape candies and drinks is called methyl anthranilate. This chemical is used to make geese repellent that you can buy, like this Avian Migrate Goose And Bird Repellent. To make geese repellent at home, you can use some grape kool-aid mix in the same way.
Geese do not like the taste of this and if you sprinkle or spray it in areas they are gathering, it should deter them. To be effective, this must be applied to grassy areas or areas where they are grazing. This will not work on rocky areas near water because the geese need to eat it and taste it for it to be effective. 
2. Green Lasers
These work in the early morning and dusk. The green lasers make them move on. They chase geese up to 100 yards when conditions are right. 
3 A motion-activated sprinkler.
Another solution to consider when you need to get rid of a group of geese. When these sprinklers detect motion, they shoot out a powerful burst of water that, while harmless, will startle geese.
Some sprinklers may even combine a loud sound with the blast of water for an even greater startle effect. Motion-activated sprinklers (available on Amazon) detect motion from dozens of feet away, and the water they shoot out can reach a large portion of a yard, making them more successful at teaching geese to stay away.
4. Bird-x inc  Goosebusters Sonic Goose Deterrent System
They have a speaker system that covers several acres. A distress call comes from different speakers to chase the geese.  Approximately $1100.
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Ken Lindsay