SPECIAL NOTICE Leaf Pickup 2020
Posted on Sep 6th, 2020

Dear Homeowners,
As many of you know, under budgetary pressure, St. Joseph County has voted to restructure its leaf program. Instead of paying for a comprehensive, county-wide leaf program, the County has elected to subsidize the cost of homeowners contracting with private providers. You can read more about the new, subsidized program on the County's Leaf Program website.
The Quail Ridge Homeowner's Association (QRHOA) has been monitoring and deliberating these changes for months. We are writing to communicate that the QRHOA is not able to fund or contract a neighborhood leaf program. We have been evaluating quotes for weeks, and the costs of contracting a neighborhood pick up for Quail Ridge rival and sometimes exceed the amount of our annual dues. Additionally, we do not have confidence that we can achieve the 80% participation rate necessary for our neighborhood to qualify for the County's HOA program. We have over 530 homes in the neighborhood, our email lists do not reach 80% of homeowners, and no one on the all-volunteer board has the capacity to manage the participation of our large, heavily wooded neighborhood.
Consequently, we are recommending that homeowners in Quail Ridge go to the County Leaf Program's website and sign up for the single resident subscription or pull together a group of immediate neighbors (10+ residents) and request the group rate.
As a reminder, according to the Quail Ridge Restrictive Covenants, Limitations and Easements leaf burning is not permitted in Quail Ridge. 
This is especially important this year because of the respiratory complications associated with COVID-19. 
29. FIRES. Fires are allowed for recreational purposes to burn wood only. Any fire must be properly controlled, reasonable for the given weather conditions, always attended by a person, and not deemed a nuisance to the surrounding neighborhood. Any fire for the purpose of burning wood must be in accordance with local ordinances and must be totally enclosed in a 1/4 inch mesh burning container or fire pit designed for that purpose on the Lot Owner's property. At no time are any non-natural items to be burned and in no event shall any fire be permitted to burn upon any street or roadway in this subdivision.
2020 continues to be a challenging year, in big ways and small. Please talk to your neighbors to ensure they are aware of the changes to the leaf pickup program and understand how to participate in the subsidized program. 
We hope you and your families are safe and well,
The Quail Ridge Homeowner's Association 
Quail Ridge Homeowners Association