2017 Leaf Pickup Changes
Posted on Oct 30th, 2017

New changes are in effect for the annual leaf pickup program, described at the St. Joseph County Leaf Program website  Quail Ridge is deemed a Very High volume area, so certain practices apply regarding number of pickups and the new snow plan.  Here are some highlights.
Three Passes
The first of three passes by the St. Joseph County Leaf Program through Quail Ridge is completed.  The SJCPP writes: 
Residents need to have their leaves to the curb before November 1st for the Second Pass [note: underway as of Nov. 8]. Weather permitting, the first pass will be completed by November 1st and the second pass will begin immediately thereafter. Second pass normally requires 30-45 days to complete weather permitting.
Service Alerts
The St. Joseph County Leaf Program is offering two new service alerts that notify homeowners when pickups will be in the neighborhood.  The two options, which require registration, are described at the program's website,
GENERAL PROGRAM ALERTS (GPA) - The first Platform provides registrants the ability to sign up by text for General Program Alerts (GPA's) which will be delivered to their emails. These Alerts will include Program details on a regular basis that include reminders regarding all facets of the Program and direct residents to the status page any time that any Program Completion Status Activity Updates occur so that residents registered for General Program Alerts will immediately know when to look at the status page to see where the schedule has been updated. When the Snow Plan is in effect, GPAs will notify residents where to go for details.
ADVANCE COLLECTION ALERTS (ACA) - The second Platform will provide 2-4 days prior notice of when vac crews will be in your Township Zone. These are also known as Geo-zone alerts. It is essential when residents register for Advance Collection Alerts, (ACA's) that registrants go to the Status Map and identify their geographic zone location number so they receive the correct ACA's. If you are in a Listed Subdivision, please complete the subdivision field so you will receive Snow Plan ACAs for your Listed Subdivision. Your ACA will be entirely based on your Township Sub-zones & Listed Subdivisions if applicable. When the Snow Plan is in effect, ACAs will notify Listed Subdivisions according to the Priority List established by the County.
Snow Plan
A new snow plan was announced for 2017;
If at any time snow enters the Accuweather forecast to accumulate at any depth, Vac crews will redirect all efforts to collecting subdivisions that have been prioritized by the County on the Snow Contingency tab. When the snow contingency schedule is in effect, the Schedule Plan Banner will be posted and the collection order goes to the Snow Plan Priority List.
When the Snow Contingency Plan is in effect, all resources will be dedicated to collecting Very High/High volume subdivisions in descending priority 
...In cul d sacs only, leaves may be moved to center of cul d sac only during snow plan periods making access easier for County to pile snow on curb without burying leaf piles. 
Grass Clippings and Pine Needles
Piles that do not conform to the rules will be marked and the owner notified with 
DO NOT mix grass clippings or pine needles mixed with leaves that come from mowing collection systems at curbside. Grass clippings clog vacs, delay service for other residents and are not allowed at disposal sites due to smell when decomposing. Please be considerate of other residents and do not mix grass with leaves which slows service. There are 2 easy solutions to prevent grass clippings in your leaves. Raise mowing deck or use leaf blowers to collect only leaves. 
Notices of Non-Compliance
Pictures & Doorhangers documenting non-conformance/rule violations are forwarded to the County.  Doorhanger addresses are emailed to Customer Service & the County with pictures/video of the Policy non-conformance/violation. The non-conforming leaves may be marked with photo-degradable paint to clearly identify the non-conforming leaves to vac crews and for video recording purposes. Doorhangers/associated pictures are posted online with day/time stamps.
No Outlet Roads
Leaf Piles that are not farther than 80' from the end of "No Outlet" roads that do not have cul d sac turnarounds will not be collected. Trucks & Vac rig combined total length do not allow safe collection without backing up the rig on a residential street which is not authorized due to safety considerations. Crews are not authorized to back up the collection rigs for any reason due to safety considerations. In streets where vacs cannot access the leaf pile, the resident must rake the leaf pile to an area that is allowed per program guidelines 
Five Feet From Curb
All leaves must be within 5' of the roadside/curbside without going into the street. Leaves in the street clog drains & cause flooding. St. Joseph County may ticket violators. Any Portion of the pile cannot extend more than 5 feet from asphalt/road.
Though the SJCLP website states under the Schedule tab, "a Spring Collection Pass begins on the Third Monday of April (Weather Permitting)," the website later states, "There is NO 2018 County Program due to budget restraints."  Quail Ridge HOA has not  announced a spring pickup.