Security Requires Vigilance
Posted on May 28th, 2015

The Quail Ridge Homeowners Association prioritizes neighborhood security and works with the St. Joseph County Sherriff’s Department to maintain our tradition of being a safe community.  The QRHA continues to employ off-duty police officers to patrol the neighborhood at varied hours.  As reported in the Spring 2015 Newsletter, that security initiative coincides with a decrease in burglary and theft.  Quail Ridge remains a safe place to live and play.  
Sgt. Regis Thimons of the St. Joseph County Sheriff's Department has previously asked all residents of the neighborhood to keep their eyes out for suspicious vehicles and activity during the day and night. He also recommends that all homeowners take extra precautions (i.e. light timers, alerting neighbors, etc.) if they know they will be away from their property.
In a special meeting with the QRHA Board in 2011, Sgt. Thimons made the following comments:
Make sure your windows and doors are locked. The best thing security-wise that you can do is make a perimeter check inside your home every single night on the first floor of your home. Make sure all windows and service doors, patio doors are locked.
Report suspicious activity.   Don’t ever feel afraid to call 911 if you see activity going on now. That’s our biggest beef with the public — you don’t call enough.
Don’t leave valuables in parked cars.   If you don’t want your car broken into on the street, don’t leave anything in it.  That includes garage door openers, backpacks, laptops, golf clubs or GPSs.  Don’t leave electrical chargers in your cigarette lighters.
Know your neighbors and watch out for each other. You wouldn’t need me if people were vigilant.  If you’re up at night, take a look outside….summertime picnics and block parties are the best.  The old school way when you get to know a new neighbor….We want to encourage you to watch out for your neighbor.  If you work daytime and they work afternoons, or you’re a night sleeper and they’re a day sleep. It doesn’t matter.  Talk to each other.
Perimeter lighting, especially motion-sensitive lighting, is an effective deterrent to theft. Motion detector lights are great because motion detectors startle the bad guys.  Lighting at night is good if people are looking into the lighted area.  If they’re not looking out the windows, they do nothing….Motion detectors in the backyard are awesome. 
The QRHA Board and your neighbors alike appreciate your attention to security.  While some of the advice cited may be obvious, the practices require ongoing vigilance.  No community can escape the scourge of occasional crime, and Quail Ridge is no exception.  Yet together we can put up a formidable front and lessen the chance of being victims.  Thanks for your contribution to the combined effort.