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Posted on Oct 20th, 2019
Below are communications we thought might be of interest to you.
We need additional homeowners to volunteer to sit on the QRHOA Board. This is a great way to serve others and contribute to your community. The board meets once every other month. Please email newsletter@quailridgehomes.org if you are interested in this small act of public service.
We've been monitoring the St. Joseph County Leaf Program website for updates on this fall's leaf collection. Quail Ridge North and South are both due to receive two passes from the County and have been designated "Very High" for leaf accumulation.  The SJCLP website offers residents the ability to sign up for text and email alerts. On the left tab select 'STATUS MAP' to see which areas the vacuum trucks have already visited and 'ALERTS' to sign up to receive notifications. The website states:
To insure every Resident receives their eligible passes, St Joe County Recycling records pre & post pass GPS Vapor Trails and Service Compliance Verification video for all eligible residents. Upon video review when Residents claim they have been "missed" 99.9% of the time, the most common reason a Resident "misses" a pass is due to the fact that their leaves are not at the curb within 5' of the road on the FIRST day we begin their township per program requirements. Please register for all alerts to prevent this from happening to you.
If you sign up for Program ALERTS you will be personally notified of Township start dates.
A couple of neighborly courtesies to remember:
•    please avoid parking cars on the streets during the day because they can disrupt leaf collection 
•    rake your leaves in front of your own yard (not your neighbor's!)
•    don't place items on the curb that will clog the vacuums (i.e., yard waste, grass clippings, sticks)
•    clear street drains if leaves and debris are clogging them
•    remind children never to play in leaf piles on the street because cars/trucks can't see them!

To continue to receive neighborhood updates, you need to log in to our secure website: WWW.QUAILRIDGEHOMES.ORG. To save money, the neighborhood is no longer printing paper directories or newsletters. In addition, you will now be able to pay annual dues online. If you are unsure of your login information, email treasurerqr@gmail.com.
Since the evenings just got darker, please check your dusk to dawn lights to ensure they are working. If you notice a street light is out, notify board member Kurt Metros at kurtmetros@sbcglobal.net.
The Quail Ridge Lake Association board wants to remind homeowners with a lakefront property that they should NOT be using Round-Up or other weed killers near the lakes. These chemicals pollute the water.

Due to global changes in the recycling market, haulers and recyclers have implemented stricter requirements. In order for recyclable items or materials to be acceptable, they must now be clean and free of food or liquid residue. This message is different from messaging a few years ago which communicated that we could "recycle almost anything." That has changed.
Check first!
•    Only plastics #1-6 are recyclable. Clean cardboard, paper, newspaper, aluminum, and glass are also recyclable.
•    Empty liquid or food from container and rinse. When rinsing is not an option, either take the item with you or throw it out. This helps prevent contamination of the whole bin.
•    When in doubt, throw it out. If you are not sure if something is recyclable, please toss it in the trash.

Enjoy these magnificent fall days!
The Quail Ridge Homeowner's Association Board
Call 811 Before You Dig
Posted on May 24th, 2016
Call 811 before you dig.
Reminder: No Signs
Posted on Dec 4th, 2014
Quail Ridge has restrictions on yard signs as described in the CCRs & Bylaws.

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